Who we are

What is Aggaros?

Aggaros is a consultancy that offers business, strategy and technological solutions on the telecommunications and information systems sector.

A group of professionals created this company in 2003 with the objective of creating a new services model of consulting: a solid and final compromise to offer in a practical and honest way our knowledge and experience to the market.

What do we provide?

We work side by side with our clients to identify opportunities, develop projects, define transformation processes and introduce to business evolution. Moreover, we help our clients with our knowledge to reach their objectives. We provide a wide experience in strategy, deployment and usage of networks and ICT services.

We participate to each step of a project.

We are constantly in touch with the multiple market parts, offering manufacturer, market technologies and suppliers independence. This business policy allows us to offer services with an absolutely independent judgement.

Where do we work?

We have multiple clients, from public administrations to telecommunications operators and services business.

We are located in multiple places around the world, with a national and international vision. Currently, we have headquarters in Barcelona and Oviedo (Spain), Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Our activities

  • We define and carry out strategies and projects to create infrastructures and develop new services.
  • We help our clients with technical support through all the steps of the project.
  • We know the market and create business activities on optical fiber infrastructures.
  • We implement, operate and maintain optical fiber networks.
  • We give advice about tools acquisition for a business improvement.
  • We developed stick&Play, a BSS/OSS that makes the operating processes of optical fiber networks automatic.